Who We Are

Price Realty Corporation (PRC) is a trusted multifamily investment and management company seeking long-term investor alliances to capitalize on investment opportunities in the four core Texas markets (Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio). We create strong returns and capital appreciation for our partners by specializing in acquisitions, value generating renovations, and property management of multifamily assets.

How Our Story Began

In 1992, we acquired our first, 56-unit multifamily property. Since then, we have provided our loyal investor base an overall cumulative internal rate of return of 15.4% and 2.6x multiple on equity invested in properties that we have acquired and sold.  Our investor base includes institutional equity, joint venture capital and high net worth individuals, dozens of whom have been investing with us since the very beginning.

What Differentiates Us

For more than 25 years, the keys to our success have been:

  1. Integrity
  2. Results-Oriented Focus
  3. Loyal Investor Base
  4. Expertise in Core Texas Markets

Company Overview

We currently own and manage approximately 6,000 units across 22 properties, with a total asset value in excess of $500M.

PRC’s senior investment and management team has extensive experience in acquisitions, market evaluation, debt and equity financing, property management, repositioning and value add construction.

Our Business Model

PRC is a vertically integrated platform. We execute as an “Operator,” meaning that we manage our investments directly, resulting in greater operational control and more efficient business plan execution.

We offer investment opportunities for several private equity vehicles, including institutional equity, joint venture capital and high net worth individuals.

Our Featured Property